Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Buffett Hits The Campaign Trail

Another sunny October day. The forecast for the next week is very good. I remember moving one October 31st and the windchill was close to zero. None of us had gloves neither!

Will be leaving shortly for Coco's Discover America meeting at school tonight. I don't know much about it so that will be informative. He actually has a basketball practice tomorrow morning before school.

President Clinton will be in town campaigning for Mary Burke. I shook hands and met him a couple years ago at an event in Milwaukee. He actually hung around long after it was over just talking to a group of us. The secret service guys sure looked intimidating. Too bad the media is jumping all over them because the majority do a great job. This event will be this friday at the Hyatt and tickets are free.

Speaking of hotels, there is a new documentary coming out celebrating 120 years of the Pfister Hotel. It's truly one of the magnificent hotels in all the world!

Jimmy Buffett is hitting the campaign trail in Florida for Gwen Graham in Florida. She is running for a House seat. Her father is the former Governor of Florida who helped Jimmy start the Save The Manatee Club. He'll be playing an acoustic set which is how he started out in the business!


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