Monday, October 27, 2014

Parrot Head Time In Key West

A summer like day with temps hitting 75 degrees. It's hard to believe that we're five days away from a little month called November. The rest of the week's forecast is sunny and dry.

Lamarr Houston of the Chicago Bears is out the rest of the season after injuring his knee while celebrating a sack on a backup quarterback while being 25 points down. Coach Ditka would have cut this clown in a New York Minute!

Goldman Sachs is predicting $70 buck a barrel oil in 2015. Gas has been going down at the pump and it will continue if this rings true.

We made a trip out for chew toys for Chloe. We have a walk planned after dinner. It's not even our dog but our plans continue to revolve around the dog. 

Radio personality Warren Ballentine was the self proclaimed "peoples attorney." He was just  found guilty of mortgage fraud and was sentenced to ten years.  I guess this now makes him the "people's prisoner."

One festival or event leaves Key West and another takes its place. Starting this wednesday the Parrot Heads will start arriving in the Conch Republic for their annual get together. No word yet on if Jimmy Buffett will make an appearance. He has played impromptu free concerts on Duval Street before. It looks like loads of fun either way!


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