Monday, October 6, 2014

The Hydro Pod

A dry and 50 something October day. Kind of chilly last night but it's kind of an unwritten contest to see who the last ones are in Wisconsin to turn their heat on. I've never won that contest and don't expect to this time around neither!

Chicken and shrimp on the grill tonight. Krissy made up some marinade for the shrimp. Pepper and garlic is always good!

After that we'll probably watch the Blacklist and anything else we have taped. It's like 8pm dark already. What a difference 4 or 5 weeks make for daylight at this time of year.

A man tried to run on a Hydro Pod from Florida to Bermuda which is 1033 miles away. He wasn't a total nut as he was doing it for charity, never the less the Coast Guard monitored him closely.

About 70 miles away from St. Augustine he became disoriented. What a beautiful town St. Augustine is. It was so neat and clean with great original restaurants. I must have seen ten Rolls Royces being driven around town when I was there.. Anyway, the Coast Guard rescued him and his Hydro Pod as he was too fatigued to go on. Basically, he looked like a human hamster in a big hamster wheel. Hopefully he picks a shorter distance next time as I'm sure he'll try it again.

Time for the shrimp!


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