Thursday, October 23, 2014

Changing Out The Shoes

The weather took a turn for the worse with some rain today. Coco is taking off for Mexico tonight and dropping his dog Chloe off. She's still a puppy. A collie so this should be fun!

A big welcome to Hong Kong for visiting the blog. Thanks for the support.

Coco and I watched Survivor last night. We both agree that this season's cast is dull and boring. We're fans of the show but it's getting kind of tired this season.

We watched a FBI profiling documentary last night. When Ted Bundy was arrested he was actually a fundraiser for the RNC. They were so sure of his innocence that they even raised money for his defense. Certainly a moment that they would like to forget!

Don't poach lobsters down in the Florida Keys. A habitual poacher was caught in the act and he's now sitting in Monroe County Jail with a 1.4 million dollar bond!

It's kind of a sad day. We have a small place so we're changing out the summer clothes and sandals. Out comes the sweaters and the boots. All labeled in bins stored in the basement. This weekend will probably be the yard and lawn furniture. My eyes won't see any of the warm weather stuff until next May. It's going to be a heck of a moving sale when we finally leave the midwest!


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