Monday, October 13, 2014

Prosthetic Legs

It's rained on and off all day. No more cross country practices so we'll start practicing basketball for Coco to get him ready for the season and fill the void.

Yesterday afternoon I saw a bunch of people taking pictures of one of the trees on our block. Turned out to be a squirrel carrying around a large slice of deep dish pizza that he scrounged from someone's garbage. No wonder they are getting bigger every year.

Still feeling good about the Bears game yesterday. Next sunday will be a dilemma as the Packers and Bears play different opponents at the same time. Good thing we have two televisions!

The Philadelphia Eagles fans have always been famous for rowdiness and sometimes poor sportsmanship. But yesterday a woman dressed in Eagles attire stole a prosthetic leg from a Vietnam War veteran. That's pretty low. Fortunately the leg was recovered on a train later in the day. 

I actually saw a prosthetic leg at a pawn shop in Key West. Actually there's a lot of interesting items at pawn shops there.

There's a prosthetic leg hanging from the ceiling at Captain Tony's Saloon also. The bartender says a regular patron decided to go the pirate route and get a wood peg leg so at closing time he took it off and tied it to the ceiling. I'm assuming that worked out okay as the prosthetic has been hanging off the ceiling for many a years!

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