Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Unicycle Type Day

It's been a typical dry autumn day. Some trees have no leaves already and others are fairly full. The colors are pretty amazing at this time of year.

We watched Field of Dreams last night with Coco who had never seen it before. Such a classic and original movie. A baseball movie that really isn't about baseball at all. Kevin Costner was still in his prime during that era.

Kristin and Coco made a cake this morning. It turned out pretty well for the two rookie bakers!

Today was conflict day. The Bears and the Packers played at the same time today but on different channels. Krissy watched the Packers upstairs while we watched downstairs. Needless to say that she had the better afternoon and I'll leave it at that.

Was driving back from downtown this afternoon and I saw a guy riding a unicycle. I can't remember the last time I actually saw someone riding one. Not much traffic so he just went slow and steady and seemed content in his own little world. Everyone should have a sunday like that!


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