Friday, October 10, 2014

Coco Wheats Are Back

Another sunny day in the 50's. Coco has his conference cross country meet tonight so I'm heading out shortly. It was 32 degrees in the outlying areas this morning. It's always warmer by Lake Michigan this time of year as it takes time for the water to cool down.

Another Octoberfest celebration down at Cathedral Square this weekend. Pretty much every weekend has some kind of German celebration this month I think. There's a huge tent set up already.

Krissy brought me a Sugar Daddy last night. I'm talking about the candy on a stick that was invented in 1925. I love them! Sugar Babies didn't make an appearance until 1935 and those are definitely easier on the teeth.

My back was sore all night last night. Grilling in the dark will do that. I had to keep bending over to make sure nothing was burning and checking to see how close it was to being done. Grilling ain't easy sometimes! It's a skill like anything else.

People in Arizona are complaining about the influx of Filipino teachers in their school system. It's happening in Louisiana also. That's what happens when the good ones retire and you offer new college graduates a pittance that they couldn't live on. Applications were a lot lower than available positions. For the Filipinos it's ten times what they make in the Philippines teaching and they are fluent in English and Spanish so it's a no brainer.

Krissy bought some Coco Wheats yesterday. Yes, it's that time again which makes me sad. They taste so good but I only eat them in the cold weather. When the warm weather comes it's back to Captain Crunch. See you again in six months Captain!


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