Friday, August 28, 2015

Chocolate Thunder

Darryl Dawkins gave himself the titled post nickname so please no comments. He was a giant kid in a man's body who went directly from high school to the NBA. I always believed that if he went to a major college program for 2-3 years he would have been the best center to ever play the game. His skills were raw and they don't teach fundamentals in the NBA. Darryl passed away this week and in a way so did the innocence of the 1970's. Such a nice man.

My dad came up on the train today. We hit Buck Bradley's for dinner with Krissy's parents then hit the world famous Wolski's for an after dinner cocktail.

The forecast is rainy for tomorrow for John and Angela's party. We have an outdoor tent just in case. Somehow, the pork has to be cooked on the grill as it's just not the same in an oven. It might take a couple holding umbrellas over me and the grills but the pork must go on!


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