Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tsunami At Irishfest

It was a huge storm last night at IrishFest. We got home so late that I forgot to blog. Coco and I went down after the rest of the party and made it inside just as it started to rain. We were stuck in a men's room for about 30 minutes with about half the crowd girls.

The Cubs beat the Sox making it 14 wins out of their last 15 games. Truly a special run.

Kevin White, the Bears first round pick is having shin surgery before ever playing in a game. Surprisingly, they beat the Dolphins Thursday night.

Going to John and Angela's in a few minutes then onwards to a block party to see Five Card Stud. Hope I make it fairly late. Coco beat me up in the humidity playing basketball. It's going to take a huge Red Stripe to hydrate myself!


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