Monday, August 10, 2015

The Day Of Thunderstorms

It's been more like Seattle today than Milwaukee. Three different huge thunderstorms rolled thru town then the sun comes out and dries everything up.

Bug ate my leftover steak today. She crawled up on the counter when nobody was looking and took it. Even the world's best dog can't resist my grilling! 

No Cubs game today. It's hard to have no game when they are playing so well.

Coco and I worked out today. A hard cross training workout in high humidity but we survived. We have another planned for tomorrow!

Famed NASCAR legend Buddy Baker passed away this week. I always rooted for him at Daytona when I was a kid. I just liked his name but it turns out he was a great guy also. A true legend!

Nik Wallenda tomorrow night at the State Fair. No rain in the forecast for tomorrow's historic tightrope walk over the Milwaukee Speedway. Hopefully our new workout regiment won't make us too tired to root Nik on. If the weather cooperates, we won't miss it!


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