Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ronald Raven

Yes, I made myself watch the Happy Hour debate with the bottom 7 candidates for the GOP debating. Rick Perry actually said "Ronald Raven." After I stopped laughing, I watched the rest of it which was pretty uneventful and nobody would answer the question asked, just more talking points. At least get some new ones as I've heard them all before. There's a reason those 7 are in the bottom rung. Lack of imagination and deep thinking!

I drove by the State Fair grounds today on opening day. Traffic was a pure mess in the middle of the day.

The Milwaukee Lion has been spotted again. Yesterday afternoon in Grafton which is about 20 miles north of the city. Looks like he/she had enough of city life.

I heard an interesting discussion about coal on the radio today. It seems all these new regulations and solar are putting the coal industry out of business. For the record, about 80,000 people are in the coal industry. Certain people think there's a war on coal. No, there's a war against century's old technology. Coal is going the way of the pager. What did the pager worker's do? They moved on to cell phones and tablets. Coal workers will do that also. Life is progressive. Either move with it or just curl up and die. I believe that last sentence can be attributed to Ronald Raven!


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