Monday, August 3, 2015

Devil's Lake and Parfrey's Glen

 What a great camping trip. We escaped rain twice for excellent weather and had a great time.

Friday was great to meet up with everybody. Saturday morning we trekked up Parfrey's Glen. It's almost a mile long uphill, thru a bunch of ravines and a waterfall. Due to recent floods, the trails and bridges of the last century are completely gone.

Devil's Lake itself is the largest state park in Wisconsin. Such a beautiful area. It's my second time there with Krissy and Coco's first. We shall return. I'm studying the history of the lake itself for our next trip.

The weather was warm Sunday but the wind was strong. Never the less, we just remember a few January days and it didn't seem that bad.

We made it to the beach again this morning before heading back. We took the long way and came back over the Merrimac Ferry. Wisconsin is truly a beauty of a state!

The only downside was my Cubs swept the Brewers and I was out of town to rub it in to a few select people!



Parfrey's Glen

Parfrey's Glen
Parfrey's Glen

Dom and Cole

The Glen
The Glen

The Glen

Scootering Around Glen

Hammocks In The Woods

Michelle, Holly and Amy

The Teepee

Me and Coco
Coco and I

With Krissy and Coco

Beau and Coco At Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake

Ice cream on the ferry home

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