Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Jimmy Buffett Week

Finally, the highlight of my summer is here. JB will be playing at Alpine Valley on Saturday. We leave Friday morning to get to our campsite. Steve and Holly will meet us there sometime Friday. Steve has never seen Jimmy before or experienced the carnival atmosphere. It will be fun.

No Cubs game today but everybody is talking about the surprise team of the year. I'm not surprised at all. Four rookies who can play ball sure make it fun.

Julian Bond passed away over the weekend. He founded the Southern Poverty Law Center and was elected to the Georgia Senate who refused to seat him despite winning the election. An admirable man.

It's raining again and we do need it. But I'm hoping for a dry weekend that's for sure. I've seen Jimmy in the rain before and once was enough. Much more enjoyable in the sunshine. This will be my 22nd JB concert. I can't wait!


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