Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fly Me To Cuba

It appears air flight restrictions will be lifted and flights to Cuba will be available by years end. Long overdue. I'm not a believer in governments telling people where they can and can't go!

The Cubs resume today against the Detroit Tigers. Joe Maddon has to be Manager of the Year if they Cubs make the playoffs!

Someone commented to me yesterday that I might be a Floridian. They couldn't tell if it was because of my hat or the tropical music I was listening to or a combination of both. No, not yet anyway. I still have a few more winters to suffer through.

Two Japanese mountain climbers were recently found in the Swiss Alps. They went missing in 1970. A recent glacier melt exposed their remains and some climbing equipment. 

Politics is driving me nuts lately. Trump, Walker and Rubio want to do away with the 14th amendment. Ironically, Rubio is a United States citizen due to the 14th amendment.

Coco starts school tomorrow. Where did the summer go!


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