Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nazi Ghost Train

Supposedly, there was a Nazi Train full of gold and treasures that disappeared into some mountain tunnels in Poland. This was in May of 1945 and now two men claim that they found it. Time will tell if they did. It's only been 70 years and I'm surprised that the Monument Men wouldn't have found it at some point but maybe it's true.

A cool day with a high of 66. It's supposed to jump back into the 80's tomorrow and Saturday and remain dry. We're busy now getting stuff ready for our Buffett camping trip.

There's a petition to get John Stewart to moderate an upcoming debate. He would probably do a much better job than the last moderators and not pick favorites.

There's a tropical storm named Danny out in the Atlantic heading towards Puerto Rico. It wouldn't get there until Monday and a lot can happen in the mean time but something for the coastal states to keep an eye on.

I'll blog early tomorrow then off to Buffett. We can't wait!


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