Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pre-Season Football

Hard to believe the first pre-season games start tonight. It's close to 90 degrees and it will be very hot in those pads. The Bears play Miami and the Packers play the Patriots.

The Cubs came up with another huge win against the Brewers. Next up is the crosstown rival, White Sox. Beating up on them would certainly make my weekend!

Best wishes to Jimmy Carter in his fight against cancer. He just turned 90 and certainly of the nicest guys around.

John Kerry will be in Cuba tomorrow to raise the American flag at the new U.S Embassy. It's long overdue.

I noticed gas prices increased yesterday about 70 cents within minutes of when I gassed up. It seems like a refinery had some issues in Michigan and might be down for a while. This gave every two bit station an excuse to jack prices up despite that having nothing to do with the gas already on the premises. They will eventually go down just more slowly. A bunch of sharks is all they are. Gas should be under 2 bucks a gallon as oil prices are at a 6 year low. It's almost as bad as the NFL charging regular season prices for a meaningless pre-season game!


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