Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cubs Make The Cover

The Cubs are on this week's Sports Illustrated cover. They still aren't getting a lot of national respect but they are on pace to win about 93 games and make the playoffs. Going to be a fun last 39 games!

Krissy is going to the Public Market downtown to take a shrimp cooking class with her mother. It's a magnificent place that is always packed and could easily fill up if it was twice the size. I can't wait to taste what she learns!

Legendary Chicago weatherman Harry Volkman passed away over the weekend. He was 89 years old and did the weather for 54 years starting in 1950 before they used radar. He was a real meteorologist who issued the very first tornado warning. He actually spoke at my grade school when I was in first grade. Truly a genuine nice guy who will be missed!

A 12 year old boy in Taiwan actually tripped at a museum and fell into a painting worth 1.5 million bucks. He put a decent size hole in it but the insurance company feels like the restoration will be successful. We go to a lot of museum exhibits and I'm always amazed at how close we can get to these masterpieces.

It looks like Joe Biden might run for President and make Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. If the Cubs can have a great year why can't Joe? Run Joe Run!!!


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