Saturday, August 29, 2015

Harley Davidson Museum

Wow, a very rainy day. We pushed back John and Angela's party to Sunday when it's supposed to dry out. My dad and I hung a few outdoor lights and fixed my barber chair. It looks a lot better. It's an antique Emil Pradar chair in my living room that needed a few repairs.

Jenny and Joe came over this evening for dinner. I cooked some decent yardbird on the grill and they got to meet my dad. Krissy did the excellent prep work once again.

Coco I  headed to the Harley Davidson museum with my dad. It's really a nice museum. Even if you don't own a Harley the history is so rich and interesting. A top notch museum.

We saw some famous bikes including the first bike owned by Mr. Elvis Presley. He paid $903 for it in 1954 just before he became famous. He actually financed it and traded in another brand. Probably the last time he financed anything.

My favorite part besides Number One which is the first motorcycle they ever made in 1903 was the Tsunami bike. In the Japan Tsunami a tractor trailer with a Harley in the back was washed out to sea. Thirteen months later in British Columbia at the Graham Islands this trailer with the Harley washed ashore. It landed on the beach and was corroded very badly but it was traced back to its owner who donated it to the museum corrosion and all. The spirit of Harley Davidson motorcycles just can't be beat!


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