Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Sports Filled Tuesday

Another cool day in Milwaukee. I'm not even sure if we hit 60 degrees by the lake and more of the same tomorrow. Coco and I started off with a quick run, then to the park for some soccer practice. We're working on his leg strength and kicking the ball with more velocity. I must be doing a decent job with him. He damn near broke my finger when I was playing goalie!

We had another longer run in the afternoon then he took off for a bike ride. Then a quick basketball shooting practice for forty minutes until it started drizzling. If the plan works, he'll improve his skills and I'll be in decent shape by the end of summer.

I read an interesting statistic today. The entire coal industry nationwide employs approximately 80,000 people. The business media makes it sound like billions will be forced out of work with all the green energy plans. Geez, I worked for a major bank that employed over a quarter million people and that's just one bank!

Fifteen days to Summerfest! Need I say more. Not really but I will. It starts June 25th and will run for 11 full days. The music is awesome, the drinks are cold, and Krissy and I have season passes. This blog will try and have some of the best Summerfest coverage out there. The count down is on!


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