Monday, June 23, 2014

Finding Bigfoot On Animal Planet

Amongst the morning fog and rain, something called the sun finally found us this afternoon. The 10 day forecast has a possibility of rain every single day. Summerfest starts in 2 days and a lot of people from far away places come every year for the fest. So, this hope for a little luck and that it stays dry for most of it.

I've been under the weather today with some stomach issues and feeling very tired. I did venture outside on a trip to pick up some custom made metal flashing at a metal plant. Another project on our list!

Carmelo Anthony opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks and officially becomes a free agent. Supposedly he has a strong interest in joining the Chicago Bulls.

The USA World Cup soccer game last night was the most watched USA soccer game ever. Judging by the incident on Brady Street, I wouldn't doubt that for a minute.

I'm making my first attempt at writing a book starting tomorrow. Maybe tonight if I get a couple hours of free time. I've bought plenty of notebooks and index cards for the first draft. I'm not sure how long it will take but hopefully I'll finish it this year.

I'm watching a new episode of 'Finding Bigfoot.' Coco just loves watching it. One of the researchers, Bobo bills himself as an expert field caller. The researchers travel the country investigating Bigfoot sightings. They even camp out in remote wooded areas making loud knocks on trees and doing some 'expert' field calling. How does acquire such a hefty title without actually catching or finding a bigfoot?


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