Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

It was quite a rainy morning as I headed down to St. Marcus school for the primary grade reward program. Coco received two awards for high scores in Renaissance reading and math. He scored 96% and 97% respectively. Nice job Coco!

I have to head back to St. Marcus later for the end of school celebration. The 4th grade is putting on a musical performance. Coco had to bring shorts and a t-shirt to school because he has a great part. He's going to be some guy on a beach. Great casting as he's perfect for the part!

After 90 years on WGN radio, it looks like the Chicago Cubs will be signing a contract with WBBM radio. It's hard to imagine the Cubs being on another station. I can still hear the voices of Lou Boudreau, Vince Lloyd and Jack Brickhouse calling a game. They were all legendary broadcasters and historical baseball figures!

I'm going to make a new rule in our house. If a pen quits working, throw it away. We get them for free for the most part as promotional gifts. I'm the main offender so I'm basically yelling at myself!

It looks like it's clearing up a bit. The forecast looks dry for the next 3 days. I'm going to move some lawn furniture and prep the deck for some cleaning. Then comes the staining tomorrow. Hmmm, maybe I should grab some chicken and sausage gumbo first. Always a bad omen to start a project on a hungry stomach!


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