Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Big Gig Is Here

Summerfest is here but you'd never know it with the 57 degrees and the fifth day of fog. They've already cancelled the fireworks tonight because of poor visibility. It looks like the crowd is pretty good none the less and Bruno Mars is playing tonight!

Fabien Cousteau is over halfway thru his 32 day underwater living experiment. He's 60 feet under the sea in a special facility in Key Largo, Florida.

I caught a glimpse on the news of the soccer player in the World Cup biting another player during the game. It's reportedly the third time that he's bit someone. How is this classless clown even representing his country in this historical event let alone being allowed on any soccer team? It doesn't matter how good you are as that's total bush league.

The NBA draft is tomorrow night and I promised my picks about 3 weeks ago. With the USA game tomorrow and my Summerfest visit planned I'll give you my well thought out picks right now.

1) Cleveland takes Wiggins.
2) Milwaukee takes Parker.
3) Philly takes Vonleh.
4) Orlando takes Exum.
5) Utah takes Embiid.
6) Boston takes Gordon.
7) LA takes Randle.

I'm sure I'll get a few of them right but I won't place any bets on it after my NFL Draft fiasco.

Anyways, to all the brave cold Summerfest fans, stay warm and enjoy the music. It really is a premier music event in the entire world and it's truly great to live just a mile away from all the action. 


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