Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Hi Wheel Bicycle

What a crazy night. It poured hard almost all night. Luckily, the wind wasn't a factor as it remained fairly calm which is unusual. The ground was totally saturated with a bit of standing water. Around 10am the sun came out and dried everything up. Thunderstorms in the forecast thru friday but the weekend looks wonderful.

A big welcome to the Czech Republic as they become the 21st country to visit the blog!

Congrats to the USA World Cup soccer team with a big 2-1 victory over Ghana last night. My neighborhood started filling up with cars around 4pm and you could feel the buzz in the air. More traffic than a friday night which is something in the Brady Street area as we have some of the finest gin joints in the entire city amongst us. We could hear the crowd noise from 3 different soccer bars every time the USA scored a goal. The next USA game is sunday which should make it totally crazy on Brady Street!

Kudos to Jim Guthrie as he was on the morning news riding his Hi Wheel bicycle. He's actually put on about 10,000 miles on this bike including a trip to Ohio. It's the type of bike that was extremely popular after the Civil War era. It has the giant front wheel and the tiny back wheel. I have a picture from last summer that I will post with Jim and his bike. He was demonstrating how to get on the bike and off safely. It was on live television so luckily for Jim he showed a lot of grace!


Jim Guthrie's Hi Wheel

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