Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Blue Angels Are Back

It's time to call Noah and have him build an ark. It was raining early when I woke up and more rain tonight and tomorrow. At least it's been drying up enough for soccer and basketball practice with Coco.

Jazz in the Park tonight at Cathedral Square downtown. It doesn't look like we'll attend tonight but I'm hoping it stays dry through 9pm for everybody else.

Congrats to Harley Davidson on their new prototype electric motorcycle. It's called 'Livewire' and goes from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. They released a promotional video today and it's absolutely a beautiful machine.

The Chicago Cubs promoted last years 1st round pick Kris Bryant to their Triple A affiliate in Iowa. Bryant pretty much forced their hand as he had nothing else to prove in Double A by leading the league in every Triple Crown category. He's only a phone call away from stardom in Chicago now as he's that good.

The Blue Angels are back loud and clear. We heard the first jet early this afternoon taking some practice runs getting ready for the Milwaukee Air Show this week. I love living by Lake Michigan. All the summer action is in my neighborhood. It makes it hard to leave town knowing you will miss something great. The Blue Angels were on hiatus last year due to the government shutdown and the debt ceiling debate. Another reason that Congress has an approval rating in the low teens!


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