Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tough Day At The World Cup

It's certainly a busy day when there's such a huge game in the late morning of a thursday. It was a tough 1-0 loss for USA but they had a shot at the end. It was a rough and physical game and the referee's let them play. At least they still get to advance so we still have hope!

Coco and I played some basketball then grabbed a sandwich at subway. His game has improved a lot in a short period of time.

Former Tennessee Republican Senator Howard Baker passed away today. He was a very well respected and honorable man who had the courage to tell President Nixon that it was best if he resigned.

The Supreme Court ruled that the police must have a search warrant to look on a suspect's cell phone. It was a unanimous decision which is rare these days but it certainly made sense to me under any privacy law. Of course, even judges have cell phones so I'm sure that played into it as well as it's something everyone can relate to.

We're heading out to Summerfest now. Lady Gaga is the headliner. We won't be seeing here but I'm certainly anxious to see her fans as that should be pure entertainment!


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