Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coal Mine Fires

A clear sunny day but we're only pushing 70 degrees by the lake. Slept late then trimmed a tree back by the garden. Krissy said there was too much shade over her garden. It's not even our tree. Hopefully, the slumlord who owns the property to our south doesn't read my blog. But, if you do, please mow your backyard as it's up to my chest!

We watched an interesting show after dinner on the Travel Channel last night. It was about the Centralia coal mine fire in Pennsylvania. It's one of over 200 underground coal mine fires in the United States. I've never heard of this before. The Centralia mine fire has been burning since 1962. That's not a typo. That's 52 years of smoldering smoke still coming out of the ground to this day!

Once a small town of over 1000 people, it currently has 7 residents that refuse to leave. Most buildings have long been torn down and the government basically gave the departing homeowners a lot of cash. I'm not sure why the Centralia Mine owners didn't cough up any cash. It's estimated that this fire could burn for another 250 years. Yet, we still have resistance to solar and wind energy.

Chuck Noll passed away yesterday. He was the legendary coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers which won 4 Super Bowl's under his helm.

Off to the store for a bit then doing some grilling when I get back. Looks like a platter of sausage and chicken drumsticks for dinner!


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