Sunday, June 8, 2014

That's Horse Racing

Commanding Curve finished up 9th at the Belmont Stakes yesterday. He was in good position at the mile marker then just faded into oblivion. The first three horses were lightly raced which upset the

co-owner of California Chrome who finished 4th. At least I received a snazzy commemorative glass for placing a wager. Not sure it's worth 45 bucks though!

We made our way out for a few cocktails after the Belmont since we didn't have to trek back to the casino to collect any cash. Nothing too exciting, just stops at the Roman Coin, Wolski's, Jamos and Thurmans. The crowds seemed thin as most people started early because of the art festival.

It looks like we're heading to Locust Street Festival with Angela and John this afternoon. The Whiskey Belles are playing at 4:30pm. I better throw some pants in the laundry. It's windy and low 60's today. It always seems like the first June weekend is on the mild side. It's why Jimmy Buffett switched his tour date to August for Alpine Valley a few years back.

I'm just finishing up the back deck. I have the air conditioning unit on wood blocks and it should be dry any minute. Then, I'll just do a few minutes of touch up then fire up the grill. There's a beef tenderloin in my future!


Roman Coin, a very Milwaukee bar

Thurman's, a very deadhead bar!

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