Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jabari Parker and Taj Mahal

It was a long day at Summerfest yesterday. When we first arrived we ran into Milwaukee Bucks first round pick Jabari Parker doing an interview. He's a very well spoken and thoughtful person and he seems genuinely excited to be playing for the Bucks. We also saw Green Bay Packer legend Paul Hornung at an autograph booth.

We made it to the Whiskey Belles show at 2pm and they put out another fine performance. Then to Sazs for lunch and the brisket is truly out of this world. They always have great food.

After that it was some general stage and show hopping until 8pm where we watched legendary bluesman Taj Mahal. One of the finest shows I've seen in a long time and we watched it from the fifth row.

After that we caught a cab home and I'm still recovering as I type!


Jabari Parker

Taj Mahal

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