Sunday, June 22, 2014

Teddy Roosevelt at the World Cup

We woke up and drove home from Jackson, Wisconsin this morning in a blanket of fog. It took forever to make it home. A big thanks to Holly and Steve for the invite and letting us crash at their place. Action in Jackson was a fun first festival of the year and Mozart's Cadillac was the featured band and put on quite the good show!

We grabbed a few hours of sleep then headed to the grocery store. It was still hazy and foggy around noon so the air show never had a chance to take off. Weather totally ruined the air show this year and the last 8 months have been tough in the midwest. Hopefully, the Blue Angels will come back next year as Milwaukee truly loves them!

Michelle and Gary came over this afternoon for the World Cup festivities on their motorcycle. They were also in Jackson last night for the festival. We ventured down to the Nomad for the block party for the U.S game. They had a huge cinema screen on a truck for the game. It got a bit crowded so we also watched some of it across the street at 'The Garage.'

They crowd became so big that they took it upon themselves to basically close down Brady Street. The police came with a paddy wagon but wanted no part of the crowd so they voluntarily closed it down themselves. Sometimes, the masses still rule!

In the middle of the World Cup game the network panned thru the crowd. There was a USA fan dressed up in the spitting image of Teddy Roosevelt. The game ended up in a 2-2 with Portugal but that Teddy Roosevelt fan made my night!


Nomad's outside TV
Brasil on Brady:)

It's a tank!!

Funnel cake
more funnel cake..

Action in Jackson isn't just about funnel cake

Steve & Holly
Gary & Michele

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