Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Krissy

A hot and humid day today after some late night showers which happened right after we got home from Summerfest last night. Not a really great music last night in my opinion but different music for different tastes and I understand that.

Krissy and I ended up at Bradford Beach during a morning walk. They are setting up massive bleachers for the AVP volleyball tournament that starts July 4th.

So, we ended up at the Tiki Bar and had a couple drinks. Then Jen and Krissy's mom showed up and we had lunch on the beach. She's truly loved by the masses with yours truly as her number one fan!

No Summerfest today as it's closed and resumes tomorrow through sunday. We'll be heading out to Krissy's moms in a bit for her birthday cookout.

Going to jump in the shower now but hope all my Florida friend's keep an eye out for 'Arthur' the first tropical of the season which started on June 1st. So far it doesn't look like a truly serious storm but you never know. Stay safe!


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