Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Key Lime Festival

Last night was one of the worst storms in the last decade with massive power outages to over a 100,000 area homes. Today has been fairly nice overall with a pleasant breeze for those attending Summerfest. We're taking the night off.

Maddie and Tammy drove up this morning from Illinois. Krissy dropped them off at the Summerfest grounds to see One Republic tonight before they come back to spend the night at our place.

It was a tough day at Wimbledon for a couple of tennis legends. Serena Williams bowed out with some kind of viral illness and Rafael Nadal just plain lost to a teenager from Australia. Wimbledon was my mom's favorite sporting event and it really made her holiday week back in the day.

The USA soccer team lost out to Belgium today 2-1. A tough way to get eliminated but they played a gallant and entertaining World Cup to make everyone proud.

It looks like Tropical Storm Arthur has picked up a bit of energy and could hit the Carolinas sometime on thursday.

The second annual Key Lime Festival runs from July 3-5 in Key West. It's complete with a 9 foot diameter key lime pie on Greene Street. I'm a little biased since key lime pie has always been my favorite but nobody does it better than Key West. There's a key lime pie store every few blocks and key lime pie on a stick is great on hot days. My personal favorite is at Blue Heaven where they make it with 8 inches of crispy meringue! Simply heavenly!!


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