Wednesday, July 30, 2014

27 Pulitzer Prize Winners

A breezy 68 degrees today. I'm predicting a much warmer month for August. I say that every month but I have to be right one of these months. I'm sure the local energy company will raise rates very soon. Those guys hate it when we aren't using the A/C despite what they say publicly.

Congrats to Jim Gaffigan for landing a television show on TV Land. His wife has family in the Milwaukee area and he plays a New Year's Eve show every year at the Pabst Theatre. I caught the show once and it was very good.

The GDP numbers for the second quarter came out today. Last week I predicted to someone that it would hit 4% and it sure did. That's the highest growth number in a decade.

Coco is over today and we hit the soccer field for the second time this week. His game has really improved and my conditioning has gone south. Starting August 1st, I'm working out everyday.

It's mini-lobster season again in the Keys. The shallow water in some areas makes it easy for people to catch them with their hands. Key West will be packed this week with people looking for some fast and easy cash.

Twenty seven Pulitzer Prize winners have lived in Key West at one time or another. Not bad for a small island with about 27,000 people!