Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lake Kegonsa State Park

What a beautiful weekend to go camping. The only negative part was the mosquitoes which we expected. We were too busy fending them off to take many photographs. A special kudos to Holly for once again setting up a nice weekend for everyone.

I did write the blog on saturday and received a confirmation that it was posted but somehow it never did. So, when we got back at 3 pm we pasted that blog onto here then took a nap after some quick tacos.

All the kids seemed to have a great time as well as the adults. There was a certain card game we played that put the trip over the top. I'll go into more detail tomorrow about that as I'm going to bed!

Coolest Bike
Aimee's Tent
The Campfire
Drinking Coffee
Playing Pirate With Krissy
Holly and the Board
The Table
Getting Sprayed

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