Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clown School Vacation

A lovely 81 degree day in Milwaukee. Played some more soccer with Coco today. I'm starting my new workout program tomorrow and I'm sure it will be easier than what the kid has put me thru this week!

Speaking of Coco, he decided to make some caramel yesterday while I was busy upstairs. Let's just say, I wasn't too happy scrubbing a pan for 30 minutes but I managed to save it.

We watched Sharknado 2 last night on the Sci Fi Channel. I have to admit it was amusing. I taped the first one but never got around to watching it. I have to now.

Stocks got rocked today because of the Latin American credit crisis. It pales in comparison to the 70's and it's just an excuse for fund managers to drive some prices down. Give it a week tops to start recovering and don't listen to most of the talking heads. Their agenda has nothing to do with your agenda.

John Wilson left for his fishing trip last saturday. Apparently he's hitting it hard. The bars that is as he hasn't caught a fish yet to my knowledge. I offered to grill his catch on saturday when he returns so he still has some time to leave the rum house and hit a fishing hole!

The U.S. House was supposed to vote today on their own border bill. They have a strong distaste for the Senate but at least the Senate tries to do something. The House couldn't find enough support for their bill so they packed up their ball and went home on a 5 week vacation. They will call it a recess. I call it a bunch of old white guys who do absolutely nothing for the american people. Nothing! This Congress has become a clown school and I apologize to hard working clowns throughout America. Except these clowns aren't even funny. Just sad pathetic souls who refuse to move on and let somebody else offer an idea. So sad.


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