Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The One Day Summer

We went to bed last night at 11pm with it being about 85 degrees. Woke up at 7am and it was 60 and never rose much higher. The forecast stays low 70's for a while. Possibly rain on saturday but I'm keeping my fingers crossed at it's the Brady Street Festival that coincides with our Shishkabobalooza party and it's never rained on that day in my 12 years here.

My computer class went well this morning. It was an intermediate class and I picked up a few things. Next week I'm taking an excel class at the same library.

The other day was my 200th blog and I didn't notice that fact until after it was posted. A big thank you to everyone for reading it and making it such a huge success in it's first year.

Former Dallas Cowboy Robert Newhouse passed away tuesday. He played on three Super Bowl teams for the Cowboys. He was an all around outstanding fullback with the hugest thighs I've ever seen.

I was watching a segment about famed gangster Al Capone last night. It was mentioned that Alcatraz prison was used for confederate prisoners during the Civil War. I never knew that. It must have took forever to get the prisoners there back in the 1860's.

Gotta run now.  I bought some paint today for the outdoor bar. Now I just have to finish the sanding.


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