Friday, July 4, 2014

Ziggy Marley "True To Myself"

Wow, what a night at Summerfest last night. We arrived there at 6pm and saw De La Buena whom I've seen before. Just a tremendous Latin Jazz type of band with a lot of horns.

Then, at 8pm we saw our local favorite Reggae band, RAS Movement. Brilliant as always and we never had to leave the Briggs and Stratton stage. We stayed at the same table all night for 3 unbelievable bands.

The feature band was one of my all time favorites, Ziggy Marley. Definitely he has been the highlight of Summerfest for me this year. "True to Myself" is such a heartwarming song. I've been to Jamaica several times and it's truly a beautiful country!

A lot of people have misconceptions about Jamaica as being a large violent slum. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It's full of warm, friendly and compassionate people. It's a country that has never started a war and takes care of their less fortunate. The worst  thing you can say about Jamaica is that they like their reefer and have a soft spot in their hearts for pirates. Hell, in the United States we just call that place Key West!

Have a Happy 4th my friends!


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Clair, Julie and Allen

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