Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Alice Cooper Is Back

We woke up to more rain and 50 degrees again. So much for the summer drought with heat waves that I predicted after a miserable winter. We're going to Summerfest late this afternoon and it looks like I'll be wearing pants again.

I ran some errands this morning and noticed that they are getting ready to set up for Bastille Days next week at Cathedral Square. It's always blistering hot for Bastille Days so maybe this year will be different.

Krissy took Tammy and Maddie out shopping this morning. Jen came over and we cooked out for lunch. Just waiting for Holly now and we'll be off for Summerfest. Coco is very excited to be going.

Fabien Cousteau emerged from his underwater habitat today after 31 days of living below the ocean surface near Key largo. As you might remember he was the feature of my blog on May31st. Welcome back to land!

One of the morning radio shows were talking about Alice Cooper this morning. Not only have I seen him in concert 3 or 4 times but I've met Alice. In fact, he was sitting directly behind me at the Bally Indoor Games in Chicago once. It was an elite track meet at the time and Alice was an old school distance runner like myself.

He's a really great guy. He signed my program. He gave autographs and took  photos with everyone really. We talked about about my favorite album of his 'Welcome to My Nightmare.'

Originally from Detroit, Michigan he got caught up in the rock n roll life for quite a while. He decided to quit drinking and took up golf. Seriously, he plays 365 days a year and became a 4-5 handicap since he took up the sport late in life for a golfer. He opens at Summerfest July 4th for Motley Crue. If you go golfing on a nice course in the Milwaukee area this week keep an eye out for Alice. He's truly legendary!


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