Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dinosaur Poop and a Theory

It's a lovely sunny day in Milwaukee. It seems warmer than the 70 degrees I'm seeing on the old thermometer. Today and tomorrow will be busy days getting ready for Shishkabobalooza II which runs in conjunction with the Brady Street Festival. I just looked at the band lineup and I'm only recognizing one band, The Carpetbaggers and that's because a friend of mine is in the band. That doesn't mean it won't be good though. I prefer to put a positive spin on this and we get a chance to see some up and comers that haven't had a chance yet.

Another airliner went down today and it's believed it crashed in Mali. Nobody seems sure as they haven't found it yet. I'm still trying to wrap my finger on how Apple gives me the ability to GPS a place yet we keep losing airplanes throughout the world in different manners this year and it's tough to locate them.

It's  been a strange day so far so I'll just recap it as I lived it. I went to the grocery store to get chicken and charcoal. Walked into the store and was asked for money by a man down on his luck. Saw a man inside the store holding his head strange and taking giant enormous steps/hops so he wouldn't step on tile lines on the floor. Came out of the store with my cart and was asked again by the first man for more money as he was still down on his luck. To his credit he did apologize for the second asking. Then, I saw the second man standing on a parking lot ledge holding a soda bottle contents unknown and he was either howling at the sky or perhaps just singing with a real shitty voice. Either way he jumped down and hopped into a station wagon with a float on top of it made out of flowers. Then he drove away and unfortunately headed back towards my neighborhood. Yes, I did say he had a float out of flowers on top of his station wagon. You just can't make up facts like those.

Anyway, I made it home and mowed the lawn and watered the plants. While watering the plants an Italian guy dressed up like he just got off the set of a 'Love Boat' episode introduces himself to me as the landlord for the property behind me discussing ways we should trim the trees. It's the first time I've met him in almost 8 years. I certainly could have gone another 8 years my friend!

Anyway, yard work is done as I did gorilla glue the solar flamingo, don't ask. I also staked down the wooden ostrich. Again, don't ask!

A 40 inch dinosaur coprolite is going up for auction this saturday in Beverly Hills, California. It's expected to fetch up to $10,000. That certainly seems like a reasonable price for a fossilized piece of dinosaur poop. This brings me to a new theory on dinosaur extinction. It wasn't a giant explosion or the ice age. They simply spent a few years with people then they all just decided to kill themselves!


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