Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Peter Anderson Passes

Apparently the average temperature for the Milwaukee Lakefront this July is 68 degrees. I'm just amazed at how rain and cool it is every single day in the heart of summer. Coco is home sick for the third day in a row and Krissy finally went to urgent care to get some medicine for whatever she has had for the last two weeks.

It's hard to believe that it's been 15 years since JFK Jr. passed away in a plane accident.  I remember that I had plans to see a Jimmy Buffett concert that weekend. Jimmy sung a special song solo in his honor. From one aviator to another in remembrance.

The final season of " Sons of Anarchy" premieres on September 3rd. I wouldn't doubt it's warmer that day than it is today.

A 78 year old woman was stuck in quicksand for 14 hours outside of Moab, Utah. I never even knew we had quicksand in the United States!

Peter Anderson, the Secretary General of the Conch Republic passed away today. He was a legend in Key West and was a vital member of the 1982 brief secession from the United States. Please check out to learn about their movement as they really made a point. By all accounts he was truly an original and special type of person that made Key West a spectacular place! His legacy will live on forever in the Conch Republic.


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