Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Careful On The Beach

Mid 70's and sunny in Milwaukee today. Still below average and it's the coolest July I can remember. I know, I know, I've been saying that for the last 4 straight months but it's true.

I noticed that Bradford Beach has this neat little contraption next to the beach house called a solar trash compactor. I'm anxious to hear some feedback as to how well they actually work.

The U.S. stepped up today with even more sanctions against Russia. The EU also stepped up big time with them. Let's see how deep the wallets are for the Putin supporters. I'm still in favor of yanking the New Jersey Nets away from his crony.

The MLB trade deadline ends on thursday. Let's see if the Brewers make a major move like they did with CC Sabathia a few years ago.

Megan McCain is apparently no fan of her father's running mate Sarah Palin. Megan has publicly said that she won't be subscribing to the new Sarah Palin channel as she's had enough of the former republican candidate. The channel is just under ten bucks a month or around one hundred for the year. I'm sure a person could allot about fifty bucks as she'll probably quit halfway thru.

Two small planes have landed on Florida beaches in the past week and people have been injured or killed. I'm not sure why the pilots aren't just dumping into the water next to the beach. Not all beaches in Florida are enjoyable. About twenty two years ago I spent a week in Daytona Beach. They let cars drive up and down the beach compacting the sand down hard like a road. I almost was hit by a car once and developed tendinitis in my knee. I saw a podiatrist when I returned home. He gave me a prescription and some good advice. Always vacation on the Gulf of Mexico side!


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