Monday, July 28, 2014

Enchiladas Over A Big Mac

It was a chilly morning reminiscent of a late september morning but it turned out to be a beautiful day. Coco is over with his dog today. So far so good.

We're still eating leftovers from saturday. We made 14 pounds of chicken and 7 pounds of red and yellow peppers. Krissy stopped at the store and is going to turn some of it into enchiladas. She's always thinking!

Dollar Tree announced today that they are buying Family Dollar. With less competition in this niche market I'm sure everything will soon be two dollars. I actually use both of these stores for cleaning supplies and mops. I'll use the mop once and throw it away rather than store something smelly in a closet. I hate spending money on stuff like that.

China is having a perceived problem with Facebook and has placed them under investigation. It seems like the Chinese are getting hacked a lot lately and think that Facebook could be part of it. 

China is having an even bigger problem than Facebook. There's a Big Mac shortage going on as we speak. Apparently a major meat processing plant was busted for sanitation problems so severe that McDonalds chose to go without until they find a new supplier. At least the french fries are safe although I'm thinking the Chinese people will manage just fine!


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