Friday, July 25, 2014

Remember Tang

I walked to the drugstore this morning and Brady Street is all the buzz with workers cleaning it up nicely and delivery trucks all over the place. It should be a nice crowd tomorrow for the festival with a forecast in the 80's and no rain.

Krissy and I have been cleaning the house and getting ready for Shishkabobalooza II tomorrow. It's our party that runs in conjunction with the Brady Street Festival.  We will be marinating the yardbird soon then we have to head down to the Old German Beer Hall for a going away party.

An 83 year old Wisconsin man with alzheimers was lost for 3 days. Then, a drone was launched and it spotted him in a soybean field in a mere 20 minutes. Good to hear that it has some good uses other than bombing things and delivering pizza.

Andrew Wiggins signed his contract with Cleveland today. Now they have to wait 30 days before the trade him to Minnesota. If I was Wiggins, I would have signed a one year contract with a European team then came back next year as a free agent with my choice of playing for any team that I wanted to. Being the first overall pick should have some resemblance of being wanted by the team that chooses you.

It looks like the GOP is going to sue the President for using too many executive orders despite using less than the previous 5 president's. So what happens today, the Texas GOP members want the President to use an executive order for the refugee crisis at the border. I'm not sure if we should laugh or cry but I'm really starting to feel the need for congressional term limits.

All this 45 year anniversary talk of man landing on the moon this month brings back some memories. I remember being very little watching it on our Zenith television that was in this beautiful but heavy wood cabinet. Right after the historic moment I made my mom buy me some Tang. It'd been around for 12 years without much success until it hooked up with the NASA projects. Marketing at it's finest because sales went thru the roof and the stuff really did suck!


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