Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mel Fisher Days

It seems to be the summer of no 80 degree days. Not one in the forecast for the next 10 days and 70 could be challenging on some days. We're going camping next weekend and I should probably go mosquito repellant shopping with all this rain!

Some big NBA decisions loom tomorrow. Once a couple of top guys decide then you'll see a frenzy of signings. Rumors have it that Carmelo Anthony will stay in New York just as I expected. Don't be surprised if LeBron James heads back to Cleveland though.

Mountain climbing isn't very forgiving if something goes wrong. In, 1982, a man fell while climbing the Mont Blanc of the Alps. His body was never recovered until last week and it was preserved as if he died yesterday!

Key West is having Mel Fisher Days from July 10th thru the 13th. Mel passed away in 1998, but he'll always be remembered for discovering and salvaging Nuestra Senore de Atocha. It was a spanish galleon loaded with silver and gold that sank in a horrific storm off the Florida coast. People are still finding treasure to this day due to the massive debris field.

Mel Fisher grew up on an Indiana farm before opening a dive store in California. Once he arrived in Key West he searched for treasure without much success until hitting the motherload of all treasures. There's a couple museums bearing his name in Key West including the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum. At one time it held a gold bar from the wreck that was encased in plexiglass which allowed visitors to pick it up. However, in 2010 thieves somehow stole the gold bar which was never recovered. I swear, it wasn't me!


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