Tuesday, July 22, 2014

George Harrison Memorial Tree

We finally hit 90 degrees for the first time this year. It's terribly muggy but I'm not complaining. My neck and hands feel great today with no stiffness or soreness.

Besides, it's going back to the low 70's tomorrow. I'm gonna try and finish the outdoor bar tomorrow. Just a bit of sanding left then throw a coat of paint on it and a bamboo skirt. I also have a two hour computer class tomorrow morning at the library. I've never really had a computer class before and it shows!

Last thursday night I finally had to turn off the news for the first time in my life. Too many dooms dayers out there with an agenda. Especially one network which has become such a joke that doubt if anyone takes it serious anymore.

 I'm a huge fan of news programming but there's no Walter Cronkite's anymore. Someone with the audacity to just report some facts instead of their version of the facts they want you to hear. Since they've chased me away for a while I'm stuck watching Bigfoot Survivorman on Animal Planet. At least they seem more honest!

Coco was at the Wisconsin Dells this past weekend. It's now known as the waterpark capital of the world. When I was a kid we just went there to fish and eat breakfast at Paul Bunyan's!

Los Angeles has a George Harrison memorial tree. Well, it did have one. It seems it was overrun and killed by beetles. Where's the mutual respect?


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