Monday, June 2, 2014

I Found Milo

The Blackhawks lost last night in overtime. A crazy ricochet shot won it for the Kings. Nothing the goalie could do to stop it. Overall, the Kings played better defense in the series and defense wins still wins championships. Still, giving away game 2 like the Hawks did makes for a long summer. There never should have been a game 7. Long story short, I'm in a pissy mood all day!

Coco had the blue and green hair today and put his hair in a ponytail. Crazy hair day they call it. Some pics at the end.

My dad called to let me know Dee's surgery went well. She has to be up every hour doing a little walking. My dad is having his eye laser surgery tomorrow and he didn't seem too concerned. Those old school tough guys never cease to amaze me.

I read an article concerning the French bicyclists and how they ride against traffic. When I was growing up all my friends and myself rode that way. It was easier to see the idiots who couldn't stay between two lines coming towards you rather than behind you. Everyone I know in the city who rides a bike has been clipped by a car at some point. Maybe all cities should ride the 'French' way.

The early odds have been posted for the 2014 Belmont Stakes. Naturally, California Chrome coming off two Triple Crown wins is the big favorite. I'm sticking with Commanding Curve as my pick at 15-2 odds. He's a closer and the added distance should let him prevail in my humble opinion.

I saw a little lost dog in my neighborhood today. His name was Milo according to his tag which fortunately had a phone number. A friendly little guy and the owner's were very grateful. In some cultures, anyone who saves a lost dog is entitled to a giant rum and coke. I think I'll participate and have mine on the back deck!

Blue Hair

Down By The River

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