Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Hail Season

Another crazy night last night. Not one hail storm but we got nailed with two different storms. At one point we were worried about the skylight above us cracking. This morning more thunderstorms and it's so dark the street lights are on as well as our backyard solar lights. A very rainy June so far.

We're a week away from Summerfest. The ten day weather forecast looks favorable for a sunny and dry opening.

The Milwaukee Air Show is this weekend. The Blue Angels were supposed to practice today at 1:30pm but I don't see that happening with all this fog. The buzz it creates downtown is awesome especially for workers in the high rise office buildings.

We've caught all the episodes of '24' so far. It just gets better every single week. I won't give it away but I don't think anybody saw that coming nor knows what is next.

Janet Yellen the Federal Reserve Chairwoman gave her mandated report today. It lasted less than an hour but the talking heads spend hours telling us what she said. For the record, it was much more of the same as her last two reports. Slow and steadily improving economic conditions.

The 38th annual Swim Around Key West is June 28th this year. Nothing like making a 12.5 mile swim in hurricane season!


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