Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 Bars of Christmas

Leave it to Milwaukee to think of great festive pub crawls. Today was packed by 11am with people dressed up for the 12 Bars of Christmas sponsored by 12 bars naturally. I'm just wondering if anybody actually makes it to all 12! That's the goal for most people but it's hard if you're having a lot of fun at one particular place to leave. It was mid 40's and foggy for the entire day today. That's ok though. As I recall it was single digits early December last year.

I'm getting the itch to make my own Chex mix. I like to sauce it up some and lately I've read that the original recipe had lime juice in it.

The Bears play Washington tomorrow. We shall see.

It looks like Jenny and Joe are coming over tonight and we're heading to the Up and Under to see King Solomon play.

Dinner looks to be good tonight. We're having a ribeye as I had a hunkering for a hunk of red meat!


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