Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Auto Correct

It's the night before the NYE storm but you would think it's tonight in Milwaukee. Tons of people out even with poor parking options thanks to terrible snow plowing in the city. Everyone is complaining about it. There's tons of spots but you just can't maneuver over the ice bergs and they are too heavy to move by hand.

Nothing but problems today. I had a insurance bill to pay and it was like an hour plus fiasco. Nothing irritates me more than a company making it difficult for a person to actually give them money. You'll never see that problem in Vegas!

I turned off my auto-correct feature on my phone. It was driving me nuts and always correcting words that didn't need to be corrected. Especially cuss words!

Anyway, I turned it back on after an hour. It seems much more useful after that experiment without it. I'll never be confused with Steve Jobs!


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