Monday, December 21, 2015

Officially Winter

It's officially the winter season but I didn't even need a coat today and it's only getting warmer this week. No snow in the immediate forecast neither.

The 5 Card Stud show saturday night at The Knick was fantastic as always. They threw in a few Christmas songs that I've never heard them perform before. Very nice and the keyboard guy gave us a free concert DVD. They've been around for 20 years and they are certainly a hard working band.

Lindsey Graham dropped out of the Presidential race today. He was never really in it and his mantra is throwing a ton of our troops in the Middle East to solve all our problems.

Milwaukee lost an icon this week in Safe House founder Dave Baldwin who just sold it this past summer after 50 years of running this unique and fabulous joint. His spy theme was definitely 007 James Bond inspired and it's a star attraction in the city. I've never seen anything like it anywhere including Las Vegas. It's a barrage of small rooms, bars, secret rooms and specialty drinks. It lasted 50 years and the Marcus Corporation will leave it unchanged lasting another 50 years I'm sure. He will be missed!


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