Thursday, December 3, 2015

Busy Day and A Big Game

Oh what a game! Coco started and played 29 minutes. Scored a real nice bucket at the end with stingy defense again. He missed his two free throws in the second half though. We had a little talk about that as we worked on it all summer and he changed his second shot after missing the first which he did last year without good results. They won big though and he had a ton of fun. A little winded playing all those minutes so he'll be doing some running on Saturday!

We're cleaning house and watching the Packers game. The crew is coming to see Amy Schumer tomorrow night.

It looks like Tiger Woods might miss the upcoming golf season. Nerve damage to the back is slowing him down and he's had a couple procedures. Right now he's just limited to walking. Once the knees gave him problems he seemed to change his swing a bit and messed up his back. Now he's a big underdog when he plays and if he ever plays again. I'm betting on a decent return and maybe taking off next year would be a blessing. Gotta keep rooting for the old guys!


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